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ANTI RADIATION PATCH is a reliable solution against the hazardous radiation from mobile phones that can very effectively stop incoming radiation from the cell phone by reflecting and absorbing it with a thoughtfully and scientifically designed technology which has multiple layers of protection built in it. It protects the brain and ear tissues from these harmful radiations with effecting the operation or range of your cellular phone. 

Application of the ANTI RADIATION PATCH

For a list of electronic items which generates high level positive ions and radiation, refer to the list below and the precise points to apply the ANTI RADIATION Shield:

  • Hand phone – Apply a ANTI RADIATION Shield to the battery to extend the lifespan as well as to reduce the radiation output.
  • Laptop – Apply a ANTI RADIATION Shield to the battery as well as another one at the laptop screen to reduce radiation and glare.
  • Television – Apply 2 ANTI RADIATION Shields to any part of the board behind the screen.
  • Fridge – Apply 2 ANTI RADIATION Shields to the side of the fridge as well as another 1 inside the fridge to encourage a fresher air flow.
  • Lamp – Apply a ANTI RADIATION Shield on any part of the lamp near the bulb.
  • Air Conditioner – Apply 2 ANTI RADIATION Shields near the side of the air-con to improve fresh air flow.
  • Mp4 Player and small gadgets – Apply a ANTI RADIATION Shield at the part near the battery to extend battery life and reduce radiation output.
  • Microwave Oven/Grill – Apply 2 ANTI RADIATION Shields to the back of the oven to minimize radiation and electricity usage.

 Benefits :-

        No doubt, mobile phone, computers, air-conditioner, household gadgets,microwave ovens and so many other user friendly electronics which we use has become a part of our daily life. However, these are the same gadgets that are affecting the health of our families and us. The unseen radiation slowly kills our body cells and causes many severe health issues such as cancer, fatigue, and others.

The Positive Effects of Anti Radiation Patch

  • Reduces Radiation from Electronics Applied Objects.
  • Enhance Sports Performance.
  • Help Recover from Sports Fatigue.
  • Increase Blood Circulation.
  • Help to Relax Tense Muscles.
  • Normalize Physiological Functions.
  • Improve Concentration and Focus.
  • Enhance Body Facility of Oxygen.
  • Strengthen the Body’s Immune System.
  • Reduces Stress.
  • Improves Body Energy.
  • Relaxes Migraine and Headache.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Enables a good night sleep.
  • Relieves Persistent Neck and Shoulder Aching.
  • Reduces Back Pain.
  • Reduces Sweat and Odors.

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