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Power saver

Product Description

Energy Saver reduces your Electricity Bill and saves Electricity. These Energy Savers use a modern microprocessor & capacitor technology to dynamically observe and improve the power consumption of your household, office or industries. The power monitoring processor technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power / KWH (kilowatts per hour, 1 kW = 1000 W = the consumption of 10 X 100 W light bulbs) and can achieve up to 50% depending on country and regular smooth power supply, typically in countries where power supplies are stable, this would be 45% savings on your electricity bill! It also perform as a voltage stabilizer by storing power for up to 10 seconds and consequently supplies the load with constant voltage during brief power surges. This in turn results in a longer lifetime of your electrical device which is added money saving advantage.”



It is absolutely legal and approved & certified.

1 year replacement warranty.

Heavy duty type.Government approved.

Suitable for homes, shops, restaurants and


No maintenance required.

Fast (ROI) return on your investment.

Fully compliant with safety standards.


Environmentally friendly.Help you save electricity.

Lower your costs.

Saves Electricity.

No re-wiring needed just plugs into any socket and start saving.


Saving Tips:

Energy Savers provides homeowners with tips for saving energy and money at home and on the road. By following just a few of the simple tips found on this Energy Savers booklet, you can make your home, office more comfortable and easier to heat and cool. “while you save money. We bring you the latest information on energy-saving, efficient technologies. We even give tips for using clean, renewable energy to power your home.


We help you beat the high cost of fuel, with driving and car maintenance tips to save you money on

the road.

Some of the tips are simple to do. Others require more effort and investment, but promise big

savings over the years.


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